From the Chair July

Hi everyone.

Once again I have some sad news to announce, at the last coffee morning I had to report that Margaret Young had passed away now this month I sadly have to tell you that Ken Slatcher has passed away. Our thoughts and sympathy go to both families. At times like this it brings home the point that whatever you or I feel is going wrong there is always some-one else having a more difficult moment? This last week I have been pulling my hair out because my laptop computer and my Wi-Fi printer are not talking to each other and no matter how I try I cannot print anything. Now whilst not being able to print is important to me, in the whole wide scheme of life it’s not that important and sometimes I think we get our priorities all wrong. Talking of priorities, some members are not being fair to Barry when he is organising the trips out. I understand that on the recent Southport trip, six members failed to turn up on the day, but not only that, they had promised to pay Barry for their seats on the coach on the day. You may not be aware that the club has to pay up front for all trips and due to the six members failing to let Barry know in good time other club members have indirectly subsidised the trip. There were people on his waiting list that could have gone on the trip, but as Barry was upholding a promise to keep a seat on the basis they would be paid for on the day, he did not have time to inform those on the waiting list. I have suggested to Barry that seats on future trips should not be held unless the money is paid. Barry and Joan work hard to organise the trips for your/our benefit and while he tries to be helpful to everyone he is being let down by some. There has also been some grumblings about the cost of the trips, the price we pay for outings is really good value for money given the current price of fuel, road tax, vehicle insurance, replacement tyres and drivers pay. It is easy to complain but if you are not happy then take the job on and show that you can do better! I don’t think you could!! Keep up the great work Barry.

On a lighter note didn’t we have a great night at the barbeque and rounder’s evening? The food was super and the entertainment just as much fun as usual. Bob Trow knows which side his bread is buttered when he caught out one of his own team. Bob was poised at a post ready to run when Jeff hit the ball in his direction and with lightning speed he caught the ball before Thelma could get to it and in accordance with the “ladies rules” Jeff was given out. Well done to all the chefs it was like Master Chef on skates.



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